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CanoScan Lide 110 problem: scanning head stops right after finishing scan of a page


The problem is: when I press the "start scan" button, the scanning head first travells to the starting point from the far back end where it has stopped previously, and only then it starts scanning, and then stopps at the far back end right after scanning is finished instead of going at the starting point automatically. This doubles scanning time of a single page!


I hope I made the problem clear to understand. If not here is more detailed explanation:


Scanner works perfectly except that when a page is finished being scanned the scanning head doesn't go all the way back to the starting point but stops at the far end.


And when the next page is needed to be scanned, the scanning head now needs to go back to the starting point and only then it starts scanning. As a result scanning takes 2 times more time.


It wasn't this way always. But I don't know when exactly and why it started acting this way. At the beginning it used to scan properly: when a page is finished being scanned, the scanning head moved all the way back at the starting point and stopped there automatically, so that when next page is needed to be scanned there wasn't any need to wait before the scanning head travelled back first.


There isn't any option in the Scan Navigator to fix this, at least I could't find any. And I also couldn't find any solutions online, because this problem is very hard to search online.


Technically, when I'm scanning multiple pages this problem can be eliminated to some extent: I press the start button and the scanning head starts traveling back, during this time I insert a new page, so technically it doesn't take 2 times more time to scan. But this is not how it is supposed to work!


Does anybody know how to fix this?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Peppa,


What version of Windows (or OSX) is installed on your computer?


Is the USB cable directly connected from the scanner to your computer?  Or is it connected to a USB hub or docking station?

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Windows 10.


Yes, USB cable is directly connected from the scanner to my desktop computer. No USB hubs or docking stations on my PC. When I used laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 10 installed it was the same. I think there wasn't any problem when I used Windows XP at the beginning, but I'm not sure.


No, this did not answer my question. I'm looking for an answer of this question for over 5 years.


Have you encountered this problem before?



We have exactly the same problem. I suspect that the scanner is a USB 2 device, which Windows 10 does not support. We found our scanner worked when plugged into a Linux machine, but alas I think Windows 10 did the mechanism serious damage before we realized.

Hope this helps.