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Re: DC-powered source (USB connection) E6 battery for use with EOS 6D and 6D Mk II cameras

@Coldincanada wrote:

I am having the exact same problem. There must be a dummy battery for the D6 to USB to DC power supply. Did you find one as to this date?


The only solution thus far that I've found is Canon's AC-E6N AC Adapter and DR-E6 (or DR-E18) DC Coupler.  It's intended only for indoor use with an AC power source: my inquiry came as a result of configuring a telescope with a mounted EOS 6D or 6D2 cameras, to be operated in remote sites and powered by either a dual-fuel inverter-equipped generator (directly) or through a 1100/1500-watt lithium-ion battery, itself charged by the generator or 2-100 watt solar panels.


Ideally, if I could power the camera's power supply through one of the two DC-power sources, I wouldn't lose power through the DC-AC-DC transfer [battery/generator-inverter to (AC-E6N AC Adapter and DR-E6) to camera battery].  The EOS R can be recharged through use of a USB cable — perhaps even operated while powered by the USB cable — but Canon must not believe that a remote power requirement could exist where a battery grip, spare batteries, or vehicle-connected battery recharging unit would be inadequate.  My power requirements, operating cameras and telescope at high altitude for extended periods (3-4 weeks), create a logistical nightmare even with 2 generators, solar panels, and 4 large lithium-ion batteries.

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Re: DC-powered source (USB connection) E6 battery for use with EOS 6D and 6D Mk II cameras

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How about a lead acid battery - as many of these as you need so it could even be multiple Walmart motorcycle batteries - and a simple inverter - so that you can plug in your E6 DC coupler? Using an E6 or similar DC coupler appears to be your only option. Are you solving for the most effective way to feed the E6 DC coupler, or am I missing your point?


We're doing multiple day-time lapse on the D6, our solution is PV panels + battery bank + small inverter, but not the deep space application.

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