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Canon R10 newb owner



I just purchased my first camera , I’m in process of reading manual I have couple questions if someone can help me here.

I understand why changing aperture to small darkens image in viewfinder or cameras screen, you physically close aperture by changing this setting thus you let less light in.

But changing shutter speed setting have no physical effect at the time of increasing speed/before taking picture. Again i understand that faster shutter lets less light in but that happens during taking pictures and not while you adjust the setting? Shutter stays closed . Yet it darkens picture on screen or viewfinder, even in manual mode when other settings-aperture and ISO do not auto adjust.

Manual says that in “manual mode” , with iso set to auto with shutter button pressed I should be able to adjust exposure compensation with control ring, but it doesn’t work, doesn’t adjust the compensation. It works when I set to manual focus though. Any idea why? The ring icon appears next to EC when shutter button is halfway pressed too, but nothing happens.

Bit odd, manual tells that with ISO on auto I should be able to manually adjust EC if I press it on touch screen, I do that and adjust compensation with my finger, then after I confirm ,it auto adjust itself after pressing shutter button so basically I have no control on EC. I know that M mode is for full manual control, just want to know what is happening in settings.



Greetings ,

Congratulations on the new acquisition. Before you get started, I'd like to suggest that you spend some time reviewing your manual.  

It's important that you become familiar with camera's operation and controls.  Also it's features and functions.

You will also want to search Google for  Exposure Triangle.  Please watch and read a few articles and videos about it.

Here's what you will learn. 

Aperture controls the amount of light that reaches a sensor during exposure. 

Shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure. (Not the amount of light reaching the sensor)

ISO controls the sensors sensitivity to light.

Your camera has controls that allows you to stop the lens down to a set aperture before exposure.  This would let you see what the camera sees before it takes a picture.

It can also allow you to dial exposure compensation (up/down) measured in stops before taking an image.  

What I suggest is that you start by taking photos with the camera set to automatic mode.  Pay close attention to what it's doing in live view or the viewfinder.

Read and watch videos.  In time you can move to one of the other shooting modes such as Tv, Av or Fv.

These modes let you control one leg of the exposure triangle manually.  Fv works like program auto, with greater flexibility and manual control of 1 or more legs.  For now I think you should stay out of Manual mode.  Become more familiar with the camera's operation and exposure triangle first.  

You'll have more questions once you start watching the videos and reading about the principles of exposure.  

I'm sure others will add some helpful videos.  



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Congratulations on your new purchase, the EOS R10 is a great little camera; I have one too.

By default the camera will simulate the exposure on the LCD/EVF. So a change of shutter speed, aperture or ISO results in the display getting brighter or darker. This is "simulated" in that the camera doesn't actually close the aperture - look in the front of the lens - or change the shutter speed, but more that the camera shows you a representation of the change you made. This simulation can be switched off if required, and might be needed for shooting at night in low light. Look for the display simulation setting on the 9th page of the red menu tab.

The control ring operation will depend on the lens you are using. If you have the RF-S 18-150mm or RF-S 18-45mm kit lenses then there is a combined focus and control ring. Some other RF lenses have separate focus and control rings.

By default setting the AF/MF switch on the camera to MF makes the ring active and operate manual focus, but with the AF/MF switch set to AF, the ring does nothing.

You need to choose in the camera menu which function of the lens control ring is active. Go to the purple AF menu tab and check the 6th page for Focus/control ring and change it to control if needed. Now it will work to adjust EC regardless of where the AF/MF switch is.

When you adjust the EC with the screen - or the control ring for that matter - make sure your other settings for shutter speed and aperture are not already forcing the camera to max auto ISO. If they are then you cannot overexpose any further so it appears that the EC display returns to the middle. I've done this myself when messing with settings on the camera indoors in a lower light environment, and then works fine outdoors in the sunshine.

Enjoy your camera, and yes the manual is a long read, iv'e done it myself 🤔

If this answers your questions please mark it as a solution so that others can also learn from it.

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