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Canon Camera Subscriptions?


Hopefully, it's only a rumor, but my understanding is that Canon is planning to launch a subscription service with the launch of the Canon R5 Mark II.  As a Canon owner, going back to my first AE-1, I am 100 percent against having to purchase a new and costly camera plus lenses and then, have to pay a monthly subscription costs to maintain my equipment.  I intend to buy Canon OEM lenses along with my new Canon R5 Mark II, but paying a monthly subscription may lead me to purchase a Nikon or Sony camera and gear instead.




I saw some chatter about this on Canon Rumors.  Its a rumor.  Imagine if you had to have an internet connection for subscribed features to work.  What would happen if you didn't have Wi-Fi or cell service.  What about battery life?  Canon is certainly aware of this.    

While I do believe AI features will be added incrementally, there is nothing currently on the horizon for subscription based features.  Its fine if you want to express a preference.  I'd do so on the [+]Feedback section on the Canon USA Website.  

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I heard the same rumors, from the same sources.....I acknowledge they are rumors, this is just to voice my concerns.

I had already rented a Sony A7RV when the 3rd party lens issue was hot and I loved the Camera, but the Type A cards are horrible, slow and PRICY (I used UHSII SD Cards for the rental)   Subscription would push me over the edge 100% no ifs ands or buts about it.  I don't make money with my gear, it is strictly for family and fun.  The R5 has been a fantastic camera, but I would definitely start selling off lenses and not sure if I would go A7RV or maybe wait for the A1mk2.  Either way, my next purchase would not be Canon and if everyone starts a subscription model, i just I am stuck in time as I would never go that route.  If I made money, I would consider it, but for taking picture of chickens and goats and kids etc - subscription doesn't make sense - I'll just use my iPhone if all 3 start subscription services.

I would hold back on your stress and worry for the time being.  This is a RUMOUR not a fact, but even that is vague and a lot of people are running with that.  If you want another perspective from the Canon Rumors website that actually makes some sense (given it is speculation) then I would read this:

The point is, for people who want to use their cameras in the conventional sense, it is extremely and I mean extremely unlikely that Canon would introduce a subscription service for firmware.   It is far more likely  there would be a subscription for the really advanced AI that speculation (again) suggests would be the likely target, based on the investment of creating the software and learning reservoirs, and high maintenance costs.

I cannot imagine that any camera maker would introduce a subscription services for the kinds of firmware we have been getting up to now, as you suggest it would not do their market share any good.  Given you say you are not doing anything exotic, I would wait and see and not jump to conclusions - save yourself a lot of stress.

cheers, TREVOR

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That is my hope, that it is some weird AI thing that I wouldn't really be interested in and really only useful to businesses.  and I know it is a rumor, that is why I made the first sentence of my post.

No one thought BMW would charge for heated seats or Toyota for remote start - but they both started those subscriptions and later backed away from them - so I don't put ANYTHING passed these greedy companies.


Hopefully in a few weeks we can all laugh about this, also no stress here - like I said, i don't make money with my gear, so swapping out Canon for Sony is like swapping from Coke to Pepsi for me.  I am brand loyal, but when my brand screws me over, I'll move on.

I think your feelings reflect a lot of folks we are seeing here who are highly suspicious of the companies that they engage with - in this case, obviously Canon.   For example, I have grown weary of accusations of the evil Canon Empire locking out 3rd party lenses and saying that Sony doesn't - FYI Sony had exactly the same lag for 3rd party lenses as both Nikon and Canon currently have after they brought out E mount in 2010.   I have explained why in detail so many times that I won't bore you or me here with that.  The point is they aren't doing that, and just like Microsoft caught flak for being dominant in their market place, so it is with Canon.  As far as corporate behaviour goes, I see no significant difference between any of the major camera companies.  Similarly there are complaints that an anticipated lens has not arrived promptly and thus Canon are screwing around with them - they aren't.  Again, I have gone to pains to express why, although I have agreed about their bad comms in that respect.  That said, they want to sell you gear and keep you as a customer, just like any other commercial entity.

Absolutely, Canon is a commercial enterprise, but they are not (apart from arguably their marketing and corporate communications depts at times) inept, and understand that it's easier to keep a customer than to get a new one, especially in such a highly-competitive market.  So they will not be likely to do anything so stupid as to shoot themselves in the proverbial foot by charging for a feature that is mission-critical to the basic functionality of their gear.   If true, then is about more exotic AI stuff.

With the massive explosion of AI features in every area, it is only natural that camera companies are going to develop AI options for high-end clients who, for whatever reason, feel they need them.   They also realize that the vast majority of the market is not, and will not be willing to pay for them - meaning they will either get a different model of camera, or move to a different brand, although I would expect other brands to be doing much the same thing and the rumor mill has not shone a spotlight on those companies.   People make a lot of money out of clickbait on You Tube and social media platforms by creating fears about this or that, and create a rush of views with resultant reactions.

So, I am glad you are not, as you say, panicking - although you are apparently taking this seriously enough to be concerned and post on a site that has absolutely no influence on Canon corporate policy and is likely to stoke even more herd panic.  As my wise colleague Rick said, if you really want to express concern, go to the site he indicated and post your issue there. 

I encourage you to sit back and wait for clear and definitive facts and announcements from Canon itself.   BTW, it's interesting that Canon Rumors have very suddenly parted company with their main Canon specialist - I wonder what is going on there: given they have suddenly given a lot more credence to the fellow from Ordinary Film Maker, who is a panic merchant.

cheers, TREVOR

"The Amount of Misery expands to fill the space available"
"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris


Come on folks, not only is it a rumor, but it is a 2020 rumor regurgitated by a YouTuber that nearly daily posts garbage strictly as click-bait.

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