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EOS R Photos look darker on phone


When I take a picture it is light and it looks good but when I transfer it to my phone it comes out darker for canon eos r. Do you know why it would do this



There are a couple of camera settings that can cause this. 

  1. Screen brightness turned up too much
  2. Exposure simulation switched off

In the first case, check the setting on the "wrench" 2 menu. You'll find Disp. brightness, make sure it's around the central setting.

For the second, check the SHOOT3 menu and find Expo. simulation, if you have this set to disable, then the screen does not reflect the exposure you have set on the camera. The screen will just give you a normal view even if your camera exposure settings result in underexposed pictures. 

Before you transfer the pictures to your phone, review them on the camera, and display the histogram by pressing the INFO repeatedly to cycle through the various displays. If the histogram is all bunched up on the left then you probably have the exposure settings wrong. Check for things like exposure compensation, if it's set to a negative value then reset it to zero.


Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer


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Also, are you shooting RAW or JPEG? The phone only shows the jpeg preview, which might not come out the same as the camera raw processing.