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EOS Webcam Utility

Hello,I have EOS Rebel T6i, and I want to use it as a webcam. I downloaded and installed the EOS Webcam Utility form Canon website, and when I connect the camera to my PC using the cable, my PC is not finding the camera. I updated the camera firmware...


EOS Webcam Utility won't install

I have attempted to install EOS Webcam Utility for my T5i on my Mac, running MacOS 10.14.6After the install and restart, it only adds an application folder "EOS Webcam Utility" which contains "EOS Webcam Utility Uninstaller.app" Any ideas?

ak2020 by Apprentice
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EOS Webcam Utility for Mac OS

Hi, I owna. Canon T3i Rebel Camera and I want to stream live on Youtube. When installed the EOS utility webcam to my MAC, I was told to restart my computer. Once I did it, I can't find the actual download installation anymore. HELPPlease?

Webcam Utility Scaling Down t5i Image

Hi everyone, My t5i image has been scaled down when I use it with Webcam Utility. I've attatched screenshots below. (Taken from OBS) (Taken from Zoom) I am shooting 1920x1080 24fps. Does anyone know a fix? Or is this just a feature of older cameras? ...

WebcamUtility_Screenshot_01.png WebcamUtility_Screenshot_02.png
ajs444 by Apprentice
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