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EOS Webcam utility windows 11


Hi all,

I have brought a M50 Mark ii and have been using it perfectly well on windows 11 for months.

roll round today - The Camera has stopped working in :

Streamlabs, Discord, OBS, Skype, Teams.

Now, OBS and streamlabs it doesnt appear as a source. Discord it appears as a source but doesnt display.

I have :

uninstalled and reinstalled the webcam utility but a no go .... i want to uninstall the camera from the computer but i cant seem to find it in device manager...

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Kindest regards,


Marko M



ok - well put this into your knowledge base somewhere - The Webcam shield for Avast was on. turn it off everythign working again 🙂


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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Marko,

The EOS Webcam Utility right now is only confirmed for compatibility with Windows 10, but not yet with Windows 11, so it is not unexpected that the software might run into issues especially if Windows 11 had an update recently. That given, there are a couple things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.


The first thing to check is that your camera is set to movie mode and your exposure is set before you plug the USB cable into the camera and computer and that Windows identifies the new USB connection with a notification once attached. As long as that is done the next step is to verify that EOS Utility 3 is not running either on screen or in the background by checking the system tray on the bottom right corner of your computer screen for the EOS Utility icon. Since EOS Utility and EOS Webcam Utility both communicate with the camera via USB the EOS Webcam Utility will not receive the signal if it is being diverted to the EOS Utility.


thanks for the reply brother - Exposure is set and its its ib movie mode.

The problem i have is The webcam utility has just stopped showing up in programs to be used.... which is weird




Hi sgtswords,

There are a few more things to try with an issue like this. One is to make sure that after you re-installed the EOS Webcam Utility you also restarted the computer. If it isn't restarted the software installation isn't finalized.

Another is to try a different USB cable. Sometimes if the cable has degraded it can cause issues like this. If your computer has another USB port we would recommend trying that as well. If you need a new cable the EOS M50 Mark II uses a Micro-B to Type-A USB cable. That is a standardized cable type that should be available in most electronics stores and online electronics retailers.

If the issue continues with a different cable we would recommend loading EOS Webcam Utility on a different computer to see if the same thing happens. If this is happening with every computer you try that is a sign there is an issue with the port on the camera. If it is only happening on the Windows 11 computer that indicates the issue is related to the EOS Webcam Utility not being updated for Windows 11.

I see you mentioned in your first post that you wanted to uninstall the camera from your computer. The camera itself isn't installed on your computer. It uses generic drivers built into your operating system, so there isn't a driver specific to the camera to uninstall.


ok - so upon looking into it : event viewer has :

Device root\EOSWebcamSource\0000 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: oem9.inf
Class Guid: {ca3e7ab9-b4c3-4ae6-8251-579ef933890f}
Service: WUDFRd
Lower Filters:
Upper Filters:
Problem: 0x15
Problem Status: 0x0


This is obviously the problem - how how do i fix this ?

I get just the Webcam Utility logo with my T6s in Windows 11. Tech support has gone through all the solutions they can think of without success. The Utility (version Win 2.0) and my T6s work perfectly on my Windows 10 laptops and PC. I see the same error message in Device Manager/Cameras/EOS Webcam Utility/Properties/Events. This suggests that the software install is not quite complete in Windows 11. I was told to check if there is an updated version of the Webcam Utility in a while. I am hoping that this post will be seen by Canon's software engineers to expedite that process.


So my issue is that the camera does not appear as a valid video sauce via OBS/Discord or anything.... I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times - its really frustrating.


ok - well put this into your knowledge base somewhere - The Webcam shield for Avast was on. turn it off everythign working again 🙂