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My photos are too dark inside the studio

I'm using a canon EOS Rebel t3i 600 with 18-55mm. When I take photographs with prolights inside my studio using1/20 and f5.6 and ISO200 in manual mode it's too dark. I use two prolights. I can improve the lightnes with increasing ISO but it decreases the sharpness and the saturation of the photo. Is there anything that controls the exposure other than shutter speed, apature and ISO in this camera?

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Re: My photos are too dark inside the studio

NO, you obviously need more light, more reflective walls, ceiling etc.

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Re: My photos are too dark inside the studio

Thank you very much...


When I was using a SLR camera using film rolls that light was more than sufficent. So may be DSLRs need more light... Smiley Sad

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Re: My photos are too dark inside the studio

Do prolights flicker? (They will if used on AC, unless they have a battery or rectifier built in or interposed on the power line or they're wired to be on different phases.) If so, you may not be getting your full 1/20 second worth. try lengthening the exposure by a stop or two, with a corresponding change to the aperture, and see if it helps. You might not be able to use such a slow shutter speed in real life, but at least it might give you a handle on the problem.

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