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"Cannot playback image" on EOS Rebel T3


Hello, All:


I've had this camera for about eighteen months, using the Dane-Elec 4 GB memory card supplied with the camera.  Until going on a recent vacation, both have worked flawlessly.  After shooting numerous photos this time, when I tried to review the images I saw that they displayed as thumbnails with the "Cannot playback image" error message.  When I tried to download, the images saved only as horizontal bands of color.  I've tried a low-level reformat of the card, which doesn't cure the problem.  Questions:  Does this sound like a defective card, or can there be a problem with the camera itself?  Also, the camera went through TSA security screening for the first time.  Can the screening x-rays have damaged the card?


Any thoughts and suggestions gratefully appreciated!


- Chris Malany


What did you see when you tried the card with a different camera and the camera with a different card?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Hello, Bob:


Regretably, I've only got one camera body and one card [my bad!].  I salvaged the trip using my Samsung cell phone's camera, which was adequate for my purposes.


- Chris Malany

Hello, All:


I discovered that the problem was nothing more complicated than a defective memory card.  I've bought two new 16 gigabyte cards, so I now have a backup.  And they say there's almost nothing to go wrong with a memory card!  Live to learn.


- Chris Malany

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