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I am trying to take photos with my Canon Rebel XSI Camera.  I am using TV mode.  I am new to using this product.  I noticed that sometimes it will take photos, and sometimes it will not.  Are there requirements that could possibly be set that are not being met so the photos are not being taken?





Can you give us more details about the situation that you are shooting in?  Are you holding down the shutter or pressing it? The most likely reasons is that it's not finding focus or proper exposure.  Are you shooting in very dark situations or are you very close to your subject?  Try switching the lens to manual focus and see if the problem goes away.


Alternately, you're selecting a shutter speed that doesn't allow the other two variables (aperture and ISO) to find a working combination for proper exposure.  If you were indoors and selected a high speed it won't be able to open the aperture and raise the ISO enough to get exposure.  Is there a reason you're shooting in Tv?  I not I recommend shooting in Av until you figure out what you're doing a bit better.  Av mode has a lot more flexibiity.


Also, check that you don't have it on a timer delay or something silly like that.

Sure - I am shooting mostly outdoor photos where there is plenty of light.  I tried holding down and pressing the shutter button.  It is not on a timed mode.  settings are like so:


iso: 400


ai focus


Then I'm guessing that you have too much light given those settings.  You've choosen two of the three exposure settings: speed and time, the only thing left is aperture, and it can't select a small enough aperture to limit all the light.  Is the aperture number blinking when you try to take a shot?  Are the images that it is taking overexposed? 


Those are odd settings, is there a reason why you're using Tv at 250 or are you just experimenting with your camera?  If it's bright daylight then there's no reason to use ISO 400, move to ISO 100.  Usually when outdoors in sunlight you're going to be at high shutter speeds, so there's no need to use Tv unless you're trying to specifically slow down the speed, in which case you're going to need some ND filters.

F4.5 blinks.  What mode would you recommend?

I changed the ISO value to 100.

The ISO change seems to have helped.  What is/exactly how does ISO work?  Why, in this case, should it be set to 100?  Just trying to understand what ISO is/does.
It's a great site to learn about Exposure concept.
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Glad that helped.  So, a couple different things here.  First is just getting something that works for you, second is covering some basics of photography as it’ll make you a better photographer in the end.


First off: switch to Av mode, and select F8.  That should fix your problem.  Once comfortable there explore different apertures and Tv mode.  At least this will get you started by getting some pics.


Now, onto the lesson:

I FULLY support you exploring the semi-auto modes (Av and Tv).  They are excellent places to start, and I personally think that every SLR owner should understand these modes, and spend a lot of time shooting in them.  That said, I usually recommend people start out in Av mode.  It has more flexibility, and in general more use.   


Tv has very specific uses, you’re usually either trying to keep the shutter speed high (either to freeze motion, or make sure it’s high enough to hand hold the camera in dark situations)…  or you’re purposely trying to lengthen the shutter speed to show motion blur.  But, in general, people usually want the motion frozen in photographs.  And if there’s enough light you don’t need to worry about the shutter speed.  Hence, I recommend Av mode.


Av mode allows you to set the aperture and takes care of the rest for you. The wider the aperture (smaller F number), the smaller the Depth of Field.  That is the amount of the photo that is in focus.  Small f numbers are used in portraits where your subject is in focus and everything in the background is fuzzy.  Larger f numbers are used in things like landscape where you want everything to be in focus.  When I compose a shot I usually have an idea of how much DoF I want, which is why I am so fond of Av mode.  It lets me select my aperture, hence DoF, and takes care of the rest for me.  It’s essentially an auto mode, but you get to tell the camera how much DoF you want.  I rarely use Tv, because even if I need to tell the camera what speed I need, I still want to select my DoF…  so I’m in manual mode.   Make sense?


ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor.  The higher the number the more sensitive it is to light.  This comes with a drawback of course – more noise.  In general, you want to keep your ISO low, and with your camera I pretty much keep my camera at ISO 100 or 200 unless the situation requires that I do otherwise. 


There’s a ton more information on this kinda stuff online.  I realize not everybody finds it interesting.  Personally I do.  And I believe it makes you a much better photographer.

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