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5d3, Use flash with HDR

5d3, I'm using in camera HDR and want to try a flash. Flash options are locked out when in HDR, is there any way to trigger a flash on first exposure, perhaps using a remote trigger and wireless infrared or RF flash trigger?


I doubt you can use the on-camera flash with in-camera HDR, that’s not something typically done.   In fact, the in-camera HDR is sort of put there as an alternative to flash…  in a sense.   But if you really want to do HDR with flash you can work around it by compiling your HDR images externally, in a computer using third party software such as Photomatix.  In my opinion there just isn’t enough flexibility with in-camera HDR – much as the way I’d never have my camera process an image into a jpg when I could have a RAW file that I can adjust however I see fit in post.  With in-camera HDR you’re stuck with whatever the camera gives you.


You can expose the images however you see fit, using flash and/or not, and then just process the images externally.  You have far more control when it comes to how you blend those into an HDR image.  Personally, when I’ve done HDR, I usually end up blending the final HDR composite back into some of the individual files (usually the brighter ones) to get something that looks a lot less manipulated anyway.  The images that come directly out of the software just look too processed for my likes.


Secondly, if you have external flashes, you can simply control the flash power levels, and again blend them in another program.  You can do this with the internal flash, but it’s a little more contrived.

Yes I figured no work around, I have photomatrix, actualy for interior photography the in camera results are very good, saves a ton of time for real estate photos. It is quality. I was thinking maybe I could trigger the shutter and flash remotely, at the sane time. Id post samples if I knew how. Well I'll stick to fill lighting I guess.

Interesting.  The one area that I still use HDR is actually for interior photography for RE/architectural.  I can’t say that I’ve tried the in-camera HDR with my 6D, I just assumed the results wouldn’t be up to the level I want.  Perhaps I’ll give it a look.


I have done something similar to what you’re looking for by triggering my flashes with a RF trigger (Yongnuo RF-602) and using full-power pops on my flash(es).  At full power the recycle time is longer than it takes to snap off several shots.   So, in effect, you get a flash on the first frame but not the next several.  It’s not a reliable solution though.

Can you also trigger the shutter? I have 3 Calumet camera brand rf triggers, If so that will work, try -3 0 +3 HDR, try vivid and set color to full negative, ( and experiment) I edit in snapseed on iPad and have it finished in minutes, sure photomatrix might do better, it might not, but your done real fast, the customers are happy.

Sure, but you'll need additional triggers.  I have Canon IR triggers that work, but it's line of sight and you have to click the button each time (it won't take all 3 shots - although I haven't tried it in the HDR function).


I also have extra Yongnuo RF-602s that I can use to trigger my shutter (on a different channel than my flash triggers).  With the Yongnuo triggering my shutter all I have to do is hold it down for a moment and the camera will rattle off shots as fast as it can.  If found the Yongnuo triggers very useful when I want to remotely trigger rapid shots.

How do you set a RF flash trigger to trigger the shutter, I have 3, I'm not sure if I have what will work, they are for 2 remote flashes and one on camera, Calumet sold me on them as their brand for less $, they just went out of business here in Chicago.

My triggers have a little three-pronged input jack on the side of them, and they come with a cord that screws into that port and  plugs into my camera.  Looks like this:

Ok thanks I recently moved and misplaced trigger info and cables, I'm going camera store to try to get this to work, thanks


Did you ever find a solution for this?  I am curious about the same thing.  TIA!

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