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T4i Buffer Corrupted?

Hi All, Hey, just got a T4i, and WAS getting 5 fps for about 20 pics (my card is slow) out of the box.Now I only get a meager 3 pics at the 5fps speed, then about 1 fps. Large quality jpg setting (No RAW).No lens correction turned on. An eye-fi 16GB ...

Image quality of T4i vs D5100

My son bought a Nikon D5100 while we were in Japan I took my Canon T4i. And did notice that his pictures especially in low light appear to have much less noise. Then I came across this website: http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon-Rebel-T4i-vs-Nikon-D51...

bobakman by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

600D + AF assist beam = slower focus as 5D3

i face the same problem in 600D, while in older cameras such as 40D 450D and 350D the af works ULTRA FAST. 600d + ex 580 II assist beam = slower focus Terrible lag on focus while the assist beam lits.looks like the assist beam of the flash isn't that...

steliosk by Contributor
  • 3 replies

cant power on 650

hi i just brought this dslr 650 camera less then 6 month i do not know what happen but it just dont allow me to power it on and i have try using different battery. i still have warr on this camera so if i send it to service at keppal bay tower will i...

Problem with Live View on MKIII

Today, I was shooting in manual mode and using live view to focus when it suddenly stopped working. It sounded right, but nothing on the LCD. After I finished my shoot, I played around with the camera and it would work in aperture priority but not M....

dbvirago by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Outdoor sports action photography

I love taking pictures of drag racing cars. I want to be able to get more control of depth but want to use the repeat shutter setting. How can I get the depth of field and make the car the main focus of the picture in an action shot?

Canon EOS 6D Member Reviews

Good morning all, I wanted to start a thread for member reviews of the new Canon EOS 6D, as they begin to come to market.  I'm not sure if I've made the first shipment from my local retailer, so in the meantime I would like to see what posters think ...

TexasTea by Contributor
  • 38 replies
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