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t2i screen is blank

I am having problems with a t2i.  All the functions of the camera are working fine except the screen is blank; the screen lights up but there is no image.  Anyone have any similar experiences?  I don't want to replace the screen if it isn't the cause...

ebo by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

650D Lens made by Twain

 Hi All, Im new in Canon world, last day i purchase a 650D 18-135mm STM lens EOS. Body made in Japan but Lens made by Twain, my concern is is Canon manufacture Lens in Twain?? which one is good Japan or Twain?? Btw battery also i got made by china wr...

Audio monitoring on 6d via WiFi?

I'm considering purchasing a 6d for video use. The lack of an audio jack is somewhat concerning, but a potentially acceptible workaround might be the ability to monitor audio on an external device using WiFi. Does this capability exist with the facto...

T5i locks up / won't turn off

This is a brand new T5i with 18-135mm STM I got yesterday and I've been having problems with the camera locking up intermittently, but consistently, with or without an SD card in it.   Example, with no SD card, I can turn it on in Photo mode, take a ...

Resolved! Can't Take Photos Using LCD

I just purchased a D60 and when I try to take a photo using the LCD and Auto Focus it won't take the picture.  It will however, when I take it out of Auto Focus or when I use the viewfinder.  But not while using the LCD screen and AV on. Has anyone e...

Resolved! Menu Icons are missing T4i

My daughter used my canon rebel t4i and now some of my menu icons are missing.  She changed quite a few setting and I wanted to clear all settings, well that is not even an option    Please HELP!!! 

Resolved! Flash pops up in many modes?

Very new to DSLR's, experienced with hefty HD video cams for pro work. I have a 60D and am learning it, but can't understand why the flash pops up in shade on many auto modes, sometimes flashes and some times just pops up. I also notice that camera c...

jaymack by Enthusiast
  • 8 replies

What's wrong with my T2i?

I just purchased a 2nd hand T2i and it looks like its in pristine condition. I decided to take a few test photos with the kit lens (I dont have any other lens to work with at the moment) and immediately noticed a thin line appearing in every single p...

ekkerr by Apprentice
  • 8 replies
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