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Problem Using 420EX stobe with Canon 1Ds

I am trying to use my 420EX mounted on my 1Ds camera.  The camera triggers the flash but the pictures are dark or the flash has no effect on the exposure.  I used normal and high speed sync but nothing helps.  The flash works fine with other cameras,...

5D or 1Ds mark ii

Im looking to upgrade from a Nikon D300s.  I would like some opinions on which body would offer me the better picture quality and high ISO performance.  I shoot mainly portraits and bands in studio and on location, including live shows.  Any input is...

Making the case for a crop camera.

1Ds MkIII is my current beast of choice but...when/if the new 7D is released, I'm gonna be first in line.  Let me explain...the crop camera will put more pixels on target than will any Canon camera and it will do so by using the the center 60%,the "s...

chauncey by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

7D not responding

I have a 7D - I shot for hours and changed my card in a hurry without turning off the camera.  Now it doesn't turn on at all and there is no error message.  I charged two batteries and neither one worked.  These batteries appeared to be fully charged...

crockny by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
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