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Canon rebel t3

I have a chance to buy a canon rebel t3 for $200. It doesn't have a charging cord or lens cover, but does have original manual and carry case. Is this a good price? Is this a good camera?

Resolved! 7DII and camera raw download

Have had my 7DII in hand for about 10 days. All was going well until this evening. I down loaded the days crop using Canon EOS utility just as I have been all along. However when I attempted to open the raw in Photo shop 12 it wouldn't open, same whe...

Problem with T4i?

I just bought the Canon T4i and it’s a great camera, but I have found quirk that concerns me. I don’t know if I have a bad copy of the camera or something. Has anyone experienced this? Focus is critical to me, as it is for all of us who are not just ...

Resolved! AF Setting Guidebood for 5Ds/R?

Is there an AF Setting Guidebook for the 5Ds/R? If not, are the autofocus sytems on the 7D2 and the 5Ds/R close enough that the 7D2 AF Setting Guidebook would be useful in mastering my 5DsR? Thanks.

Bazsl by Rising Star
  • 1 replies

7D Mark II camera won't turn on!

Hello, I just bought a Canon 7D Mark II been using it for about a month. Yesterday I was filming and taking pictures and I had put the camera down for a second and as I looked down at it I noticed an error message with the yellow Caution sign "!". As...

MEGSG92 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! FD lenses, on the EOS 1v film camera?

Here's a wierd one for you: the F1N bodies are starting to cost more than the EOS 1v bodies. Using the adaptor which mates an FD lens to a digital cam body; has anyone put an FD on the EOS 1v? Would it even work? Or do I just have too much time on my...

planning upgrading from t3i

Hey guys!So I've had my t3i for a while and I think I'm hitting the limitations in the t3i in terms of what I'm doing now. I've had the camera for about 1-2 years (was given to me as a xmas gift) and up until now, I've done automotive photography, na...

Resolved! Charging spare batteries?

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T5. I recently purchased a couple of spare batteries. Is it a good idea to charge the batteries far in advance of being used? How long does a charged battery last if it isn't in the camera?  

Resolved! Cannot enter nickname in 6D

I just bought an EOS 6D and am trying to set up the wireless connection to my iPad. I get stuck when the menu asks me to enter a nickname. The cursor does not blink and none of the dials or buttons can move the cursor to any of the characters. Appare...

Hopmere by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! How do I get my T6i videos on my mac?

How the heck do I get my videos from my T6i onto my computer? I have the new software installed, I restarted my computer. The software seems to work fine when I open it but when I plug in my camera to my mac laptop nothing happens. It's not the USB (...

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