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Resolved! 80D - Mirror Lockup in Camera Connect

OK, I RTFM but I couldn't find the answer on this one.  I assume that when using Camera Connect mirror lockup is irrelevenat because the mirror is already up in Live View? I'm doing some long exposures with a 400mm lens and the mirror shock plus pres...

Canon 800D Focusing problems

Hey guys!I've had my 800D about 5 months now and it's always worked perfectly. Was shooting outside in the cold last week and when i went inside the screen onviosuly fogged up. Let the temp equilibrate for a bit, but here a week later and the camera ...

Problem with continuous shutter

Hello. I have a canon 5d mark IV . I’m using different lense for photography. I mostly used tamron 150-600 telephoto lens. I’m facing problems with continuous shutter though my camera is set to ai servo, also set to multiple shot . And after each nor...

Messed up photos

I recently got a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and for a while the photos would transfer easily to my MacBook Pro, but latley it takes longer for them to transfer and when they do, it is messed up. You cannot see the photo at all. I wiish i could include an exa...

Camranger vs Canon Connect

What are some difference between Camranger vs Canon Connect? Is it necessary really to get Camranger if Canon Connect does the same thing? Does Canon Connect also do liveview streaming of video recording onto an iPad? You see, I have a Canon 7D (whic...

adamend by Apprentice
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5D Mark IV C-Log Bit Depth

My 5D Mark IV has Canon Log (c-log) installed which I'm playing around with. I downloaded the Canon supplied Look Up Tables (LUTs) and I'm trying to understand the provided files. The 5D MKIV falls under the Gamma Transfer 1D LUT (Group 3) which prov...

sseganti by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Maximum size SD card for T5i?

Is there a maximum size SD card that a T5I can take/read?    I did some google searches and all I can see is questions of people asking "what is the best sd card?"  .  I'm simply looking to know if there is a limitation on size?  512GB?  1TB? 

Not very important but interesting

I was in a camera store on Saturday and asked if they had hot-shoe covers for my 70D and they had so I bought one. On Sunday I tried to take a photo with the built-in flash just as fill in but the flash would not deploy, I tried every mode to get it ...

peterl by Contributor
  • 4 replies
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