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Resolved! mixing and matching

I have what I suppose to be a first gen 1.4x TC that I use with my 600mm f4 lens. I am thinking of buying the 7D2 and the current 100-400 is II as well.    Would the old TC work with that,or would the new electronics require the newest gen 1.4? It is...

mitchmcc by Enthusiast
  • 22 replies

Need pro advice on upgrade

The time is now. I have the approval to make a camera/lens purchase for my department at work. I work as Director of Marketing & Communications at an independent school. I have $4,800 for both a camera and lenses. What combination would you recommend...

mstu33 by Contributor
  • 31 replies

Rebel T6i will not take pictures

This is a crazy issue, my T6i refuses to take pictures. Battery is fully charged, I can use all of the options in the menus, the touch touchscreen works. Everything works as it should until i press the button to capture the picture. I press it and it...

Resolved! eos m50 viewfinder elements

Hello guys, i bought a m50 yesterday. so i have question. i'm generally using my camera at m mode. the number between the brackets stands for remaining shots. numbers are near to battery indicator stands for remaining video time. but look at at that ...


T7i - Beginner macro photography challenges

I bought a T7i recently and I wanted to try macro photography (I am a landscape photographer). I bought a macro extender tube in Amazon and also a Yongnua 50 mm prime lens.  The prime lens attached tot he T7i is great and works fine at different aper...

ravinat by Contributor
  • 17 replies

7d Mark ll Error 01

I purchased a 7d Mark ll from KEH last week. The first day everything was fine. The next days I got an error 01 with my canon 300mm f4. I also got the error on my canon 70-200mm L. Oddly I tried a Sigma 105 macro and it was fine.So I continued to tes...

Camera rubberized "glove"

Hi again all, My first foray into DSLR is a Rebel T6/1300D kit. I ordered some accessories for it, including a rubberized cover or "glove" for the camera body. I haven't installed it yet. Does anyone have any experience with these? Pros and cons of u...

Radman17 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Focus problem???

I have an EOS 5d Mark IV camera with a Tamron maco. It's been working great for the last year I've been using them. In the last 2 days, as I'm photo'g still shots, it acts like it's having trouble focusing. I get a "clunk" sound following by "chatter...

Marci by Contributor
  • 6 replies

T7i - Telephoto kit lens of bad quality

Along with my recent purchase of Canon Rebel T7i, the vendor included two kit lenses - 1) 28-55 mm STM IS lens and 2) 75-300mm EF lens.  The zoom lens has no IS and the image are bad. I overlooked the IS side of Canon as I came from the Olympus E-510...

ravinat by Contributor
  • 12 replies

Work around needed....

We have a Rebel EOS T3i and want to use it for live streaming a feed to a TV. Per page 218 on the manual we have been able to use the HDMI and get a GREAT live image to the TV, but the LCD screen on the camera goes blank. My question is: is there any...

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