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Cannon T3i as live camera

I work in a concert hall and we have a Cannon T3i hanging from the ceiling down on the keys of a piano. The signal is sent via HDMI to a TV to show the audience what the pianist is playing. The issue is the signal gets turned off (even with continued...

Moon Ghost image

HI ,when I take a picture of the moon or bright object at night get a ghost or reflection of subject, Have cleaned lenses ,occurs with any lense. Have cleaned inside camera also . Is something out of alingment? Thanks 

Problems with 1DX Mark 1 LCD screen

Hello, I seem to have a problem with my 1DX Mark 1 LCD screen. The images appear blurred on the screen but when I import them to Lightroom they are sharp. I have also noticed that when I press the SET button in the middle of the thumb wheel on the ca...

Control of LCD monitor on 5d mark III

Typically, when I put my eye to the viewfinder, the LCD turns off.  I was shooting the other night and it would not turn off and I had to manually turn it off so that it wouldn't blind me when trying to look through the viewfinder.  Did I inadvertant...

manofhg by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Canon lost my camera!!!

So i send my 6D mkll to the factory servise due a problem whith the sensor, the canon said is a warranty case, great!I not living in US so i put a andress of the fishisfast, to hold my package until the date I'd be in the country July 9-20.But the gu...

EOS 60D - UK based

I am havinga couple of problems using Sigma and Tamron lenses with the 60D and would like some advice.  Does anyone know if a UK Camera repair/servicing shop that they would reccomend ?  I am based in the Midlands.  TIA

Canon's Digital Photo Pro Tethering Question

Tethering works well, but afterwards, is there a way to advance to the next frame? Example, I take 3 shots, the first pops up and I can see it fine. I take 2 or 3 additional and it's still stuck on the first frame. I have to physically grab the mouse...

zuko2020 by Contributor
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