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R and 5DSR


I am looking for people having booth cameras,Eos R and 5DSR to see the real world colors science difference.I want to find 2 identical RAW files one shot with Eos R another one with 5DSR.


The reason for this is simple...i just love the colors coming out from 5DSR,but i own Eos R.I already created some color profiles using Adobe DNG profile editor,and using Raw sample from Dpreview studio scene,but the scene photos are a bit inconsistent...there is difference in the light from photo to photo,so it is not the right way to create profiles.

I want to buy 5DSR,but i love the touch screen,light weight body,fast focusing system,DR  and other cool features on my Eos R...and if between booth cameras the difference is not that big deal in the colors,i will stay with my Eos R and use my color profiles.

Thank you !



Try renting a 5DSR.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

It is not an option,where i live currently in very small city...but it will be the best thing of the box !

Use LensRentals, they are very happy to ship, even to "small cities", however, your small city has to be in the US.

I am in Europe...hope to find 5dsr and R user having booth cameras...its the only option for now.
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