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Ipad/ CR2/CR3 files

Rising Star

Looking to buy a Refurbished 3rd Generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro WI-FI. Will this ipad be able to download via USB cable and or WiFi SD CR2 and Cr3 files from my 6d Mll and 90d and Compact flash and CF Fast cards from my 1dx Markll.  Then transfer the raw files to my Mac Book Pro. I have a 2nd generation iPad and it will not download these files. Reason being, will be going on an extended wilderness backpack trip and want to be able to check out images.  Thanks




The Lr App supports RAW.  Canon Connect does not.  


I'm not sure if a 3rd gen iPAD supports RAW, but if it runs iOS v13 or later it might.  


I suggest you test your intended workflow out before leaving on your trip.  I use an extremely light Yoga with card reader when I travel.  I am not a Lr user either so others here might offer additional advice.

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I am able to download .CR3 files from my 1D X Mark III to my 10.5 inch iPad Pro so you should have no problems. 

It doesn't work if I use USB-C to Lightning cable but will work if I use the Apple USB-3 Camera Connection adapter. 

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Rising Star

thanks everybody