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Canon EOS RP Banding Issue

New owner of the RP but not sure of this camera because of the horrible banding. I'm a night photograhper so all my images are pretty much dark but properly exposed.I'm getting banding without even pushing the shadows or the night sky, and when I do ...

devdvr by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

T3i as Webcam – USB Powered?

I've been using a DSLR as a webcam for a while now because I'm on calls frequently and want to have a higher quality video. However, I have to run it with a dummy battery plugged into an AC adapter in addition to having it plugged into my computer vi...

Camera not turning on in high humidity ?

I have an EOS Rebel SL2 T6 200D that I purchased in December 2018. I recently took the camera to a trip to Costa Rica to a rainforest area with very high levels of humidity (80% and above). The first day the camera turned on normally but from the 2nd...

Lens or Camera upgrade (or both) advice needed

I use a Canon Rebel 2Ti and a Canon 50mm f/2.5 compact macro lens, with a Manfrotto tripod, center pole inverted, on a tabletop in outdoor natural light.  My camera points directly downward to capture an approx. 1.5x2" area of a relatively flat surfa...

peggary by Contributor
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Hi, I have a EOS 77D camera which was working perfectly.It will now not take a photo after having been used in the movie mode. I depress the shutter button half way, it focusses and then when I depress further, nothing. Can someone help ?

Caz1 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

EOS 70D Tethering

I have a Macbook M1 and am trying to teather my 70D. I have tried doing it by a cable and by wifi with no luck. The interface cable that came with the camera is USB1 and the M1 uses USB4 or Thunderbolt. I have a thunderbolt hub with USB connecters. I...

Canon 200D (SL2) External monitor issue

Hello! I have a Canon 200D (SL2) and I just bought a Feelworld F5 monitor for my camera, it has a audio metering feature but it doesnt seem to be working.. Is this a camera specific issue or is there something wrong with my monitor? I hope someone ca...

A newbie to Canon DSLR SL3 - bare with me

Hi folks,Newbie here. Be gentle.Question. I bought that SL3 and love the camera, but one thing I wanted to do was record whisky review videos on products in 4K but find that the 4k on setting "M" is so zoomed in that it doesn't get that wide frame ne...


Hello,I am an amateur photographer, a hobbyist. I just got an EOS R6 and have been watching videos that take me through all of the menus/submenus. I noticed when I got to the AF2 submenu my camera does not have the first setting that says "Focus Mode...

amyle by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! R5 won't update to 1.4 firmware

I followed the instructions for the firmware update. I get to the section:Firmware update programUpdate Firmware?1.3.1 -> 1.4.0Except that the OK button is grayed out!! I can't get any further than this. I've tried four different times, always with t...

Resolved! Exp sim

I went to use camera and “exp. sim” was flashing on screen but not in view finder. First why was it flashing

Cleaner by Contributor
  • 6 replies
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