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Would you buy a used camera previously owned by a news agency?


Hi, a camera store in my town sells multiple used 1DX 3 that all come “from a reputable news agency” (that’s what the store clerk told me) and all have 100-200K shutter count.

I’ve bought used both a used 1DX and used 1DX 2 before, but both had a shutter count of less than 50K.

I know the 1DX 3 shutter rating is 500K and all of the cameras look very good from the outside, certainly not what I would have expected.

Is there anything to keep in mind? I’m somewhat hesitant to buy a camera that was probably not treated with as much care compared to how a hobbyist would maybe…



The 1D X Mk III is a very rugged camera. It's unlikely to have hidden damage if the external appearance is good.  Take a few test shots to check functioning. If all looks good add on the cost of a replacement shutter and see if the price is attractive.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Interesting post and seems like a good deal. My first question: "Who is the reputable news agency?" The description covers a lot of ground.

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It all comes down to price. A well used 1 Series should reflect a well used price. The 1DX Mk (anything) can go well over 1/2 a million clicks even over a million. They are still serviceable by Canon so why not? But price is the key.

The old story about 1 Series cameras said you could beat someone to death with a 1 Series camera than take the crime scene photos with it. They are tough well built perhaps the best built cameras made.

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