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Windows 7 64-bit driver for Canon Digital Rebel XT


How do I interface my Canon Digital Rebel XT with a computer running Windows 7 64-bit?


I don't think Canon ever releasing 64bit driver for this camera. To download photo off this camera you can use a card reader. There is a driver for WinXP 32 bit that may (doubt it) work.
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You are correct.  Canon does not provide a driver for Windows 7 64-bit.  You have to change the communication mode in your camera and then use Windows Photo Gallery or other software to transfer the photos.  Here is the response that I received from Canon tech support (it works):


"To connect your camera to a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, you'll need to change the communication mode.

To set your camera up for this, please do the following:

With the camera disconnected from the computer, turn the camera on.  Press the "Menu" button.  Now select the [Wrench, Hammer, 2] tab.  Scroll down to "Communication" and press the "Set" button.

Select the [Print/PTP] and press "Set".  This process is more completely described (and illustrated too!) on page 121 of your Digital Rebel XT Instruction Manual.

Now connect your camera to your computer and turn the camera on.  Your computer should now recognize and have access to your Digital Rebel XT.

Unfortunately, Canon software cannot communicate with the Rebel XT when operating in this mode.

You may download your pictures using Windows Photo Gallery, or you may use a card reader to download images.  If you haven't already done so, you may retrieve and install this program from Microsoft's"

Thanks for the great solution! Simple and worked perfectly!

Worked perfect.  Thank you!

Hello and thank you for your advice. I tried turning the manual settings like you stated but then the camera just keeps flashing busy and nothing happens. Any suggestions? Do I need to have Windows Phot Gallery installed before attempting to access from my desktop?

Hello Shoes1&2,

Once setting the Communication mode to Print/PTP, built in utilities within Windows should be used to download the photos.  Photo Gallery should be installed, if it's not currently, as one of the applications that you can use.

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Thx! it worked fine!

i did fallow all steps. but i dont have a communication on my (wrench,hammer 2 or 1 ) any other way to do this (communication code for a windows 7 64-bit driver for canon digital rebel xt.. thank you ,,,anyone

Any time you are trying to connect a "vintage" camera to a newer computer, a simple, cheap, card reader is the way to go.

Bypass the headaches and just get the card reader or perhaps your computer already has one.

Canon never had nor did they ever need a special driver for any OS.  There are none and none are needed.

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