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When will canon fix the focus issues with the 70D?


I was "T.H.I.S." close to buying the 70D.  I have read WAYYY too many posts about issues with the focusing on the 70D.  How is Canon handling the issue?  I would love to buy this camera, but not willing to gamble with that much money.

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waiting to hear about your camera ...popcorn-female-girl-happy-smiley-emoticon-000533-large1.gif

Missed the Fedex truck yesterday, but got it today.  Have yet to test it out on moving targets but here's what was noted on the repair order.


"your product has been examed and it was found that the adjustment of the assembly was incorrect causing inaccurate auto focus.  Electrical adjustmens were carried out on the assembly.  Product fuctions were confirmed."


Now I'm not sure what type of testing I'll get done today as I prefer real world stuff, but I am going to test out my still shots to insure they are still on point and good.


Stay tuned.

Preliminary testing shows an improvement.  However, that's just me using AIServo on static subjects.   True test will be when I get my son and his bike out to see if the zone AF in AIServo will actually work.  Even single point for that matter.   That will have to wait until I have the chance.

i sent my camera to a pro in Bucharest to test it on his lenses.

He confirms there is a problem so will take it to the Canon Service.

I will keep you updated on what happens next.

You're in Romania, right? Just thinking, it would be very unusual for EOS owner in the US to have someone else "take" their camera to be serviced at a Canon Service Center. In the US, Canon would ask the owner to send in the camera. What will happen if Canon asks your "Pro" if he or she will approve the purchase of a repair service? Will your Pro know how to proceed? What would happen if Canon should ask when the camera was purchased to determine if it is under warranty? Will your Pro know that date? What if a mistake is made? Do you really want your camera returned to your Pro after service?


I would be very uncomfortable with the arrangements you have made.

he is Canon Platinum client and a good friend of mine. i sent him the entire package, invoice and warranty inside. i hope i answered all your questions. Camera is 8 months old and 8200 frames shot with it, you couldn't say it is used. not a **bleep** scratch on it.
Here in Romania we only have 1 service point in Bucharest, i am 600km away. Problem is that he confirmed that the camera has issues AF, i said pretend it's yours and do what you think is needed. Spent quite a lot of money on it so i would like it to work.
Do you agree?

I dont see what dont you like about my choices. i prefered to send it by a trusted friend instead of a courier that would of treated it like sheet during the voyage .

by pro i meant he is a proffessional photographer and has plenty of good expensive lenses to shoot with the camera.

I don't live in Romania so I'm not accustomed to your experience with business dealings. My packages always carry insurance to protect me from damages during shipping. You don't have shipping insurance in Romania?

i think that shipping and how the package gets to Canon service isn't the issue 😉

AF not working as it should on a 1000€ camera is. Do you agree?

That's my point. The expensive camera would be under warranty here and you would be eligible for free warranty service. Your solution to contact Canon is about as round-about as I've ever heard.


As far as focus issues, I couldn't say having never seen your camera.

Careful, ALL 70D have a particularity (even if the camera works fine) :

When framing through the viewfinder, if you're trying to focus on some small high contrast subject in front of a busy background (ex: bird in a tree, someone running in front of a crowd, a tower in front of a landscape), you'll need to be extra careful on how you frame your picture.


That's because some AF points can't lock focus on half of the area delimited by the black rectangular marks you see in the viewfinder.


In the picture below, in black you have the marks that you see in the viewfinder, the colored boxes show the sensitive AF area that I measured for my camera:



In other words, for any given focus point, the focus can only be achieved if what you are aiming at is within the colored boxes (ex centerfocus point is in red).

If the subject you’re aiming at is in the uncovered half of the focus point, the camera will focus on the foreground, background or won’t be able to lock focus on anything. That "particularity" can easily make you miss most of your pictures.


I wish Canon would redesign their LCD focus screen to look more like what I'm having...

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