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Using a Canon rebel T7i as a webcam via wifi

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So here's the thing, I have a rebel T7i and want to use it as a webcam in Zoom. I am connecting the camera via wifi (there seems to be an issue with my cable and I can't get a cable now), Camera Live detected the camera and I enabled Camera Live in Syphon through CamTwist. However, neither Zoom nor Skype would detect CamTwist. The camera is detectable on EOS utility and OBS with no issues. I am on OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.6 


I have watched dozens of tutorials and read lengthy posts, but no one seems to touch upon this issue. 


Is there any fix for this? 


I appreciate your help, guys! 


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I don't think you can stream live video from a T7i, in any case it is not recommended because it can over heat the sensor, shortening its life.

What sensor will overheat? The USB sensor? Also why will the camera not overheat when using an HDMI out + capture card, but overheat when using USB? Is that data too much via USB?

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EOS Rebel T7i should work with the new live streaming software from Canon, EOS Webcam Utility Beta. Have fun. I don't own a compatible camera or Windows.


It does not work because the OS sees the camera as a storage device, not as a web camera.


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I was able to get it working via a USB cable.  I did have to downgrade from the latest Zoom version on my mac back to the 4.6 version which allows CameraLive + CamTwist.  But now I'm worried about that sensor overheating comment.