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Canon eos t6 High speed sync


Hi Canon community,

The issue i am facing right now is that my eos rebel t6 cannot use HSS. Each time I try I always end up with 90% of the photo back and 10% well lit even though my HSS function is enable on my flash, my camera and my trigger. I am using my canon eos rebel t6 and the Flashpoint eVOLV 200R2 with the Flashpoint R2 Mark 2 transmitter for canon and my camera firmware is 1.1.0. This is driving me crazy as I am not able to use my flash with HSS. 

Thank you for any help to be abe tto use the HSS function


Regards Nehemie



I think you need to do one of two things. Ask Flashpoint about your issue, or sell the Flashpoint gear and buy Canon gear.  The T6 User Manual refers you to the User Manual of the Canon Speedlight that you are using [to set up HSS].


If your 3rd party gear does not work with Canon gear, then the fact of the matter is that your third party gear does not work properly with Canon gear.  I suggest that you return the Flashpoint, if at all possible.

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I totally agree. It is not a Canon issue it is a Flashpoint problem. You are on the wrong forum get on Flashpoint's.

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