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Trying to connect Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera to Mac with OS 13 Ventura with USB connection


I've been using my Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera with a ceiling mount, and connecting it via traditional USB wire to my Mac laptop, shooting remote via the EOS Utility app. 

Now, I just upgraded the OS on my Mac to OS 13 Ventura, and the EOS Utility suddenly no longer recognizes my 5D Mark II camera.

I downloaded the latest EOS Utility, which looks to be version 3.15, but it doesn't see my camera.  The only thing it shows is a button that says Pairing over Wi-Fi/LAN, but none of the other options I used to see before the OS update.

Any way to make the wired USB connection to the 5D Mark II work with OS 13 Ventura, without having to downgrade the OS back to its previous generation?



I'm using the R6 and am running into the same issue. Going to update the firmware on the camera, but I think this is specific to the utility software and OS compatibility. 

It is an Apple bug. The update to macOS 13 Ventura also broke Android File Transfer for me when I used the same USB cable to connect to my phone. I included in another post what was the solution for me.



Canon EOS R7 is the camera affected for me, exact same issue as above 


Same problem with 1D X Mark III. 

I tried opening EOSU3 directly by going into the Canon Utilities folder. EOSU3 starts with direct connect screen display, but camera does not connect.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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EOS Utility compatibility issues almost always arise with the major Mac OS "Upgrades".  It took until EOS U v. 3.10.3 before it worked with OS10.1, and took until v.3.12.1 for full compatibility with Catalina.  The Changes in Ventura are significant, so it may take Canon a while to catch up.  They are still trying to get v.3.13.3 to work with the new M1 & M2 equipped Macs. Have patience and it will likely be fixed about the time Mac OS 14 is released.

The easiest, obvious workaround is probably to just transfer images using a card reader until Canon Utilities is updated.

On Apple silicon, I was told that there is a USB section in the System Settings->Privacy and Security->Security section. This menu item does not appear on my machine with an Intel CPU. So far as I can understand, each program and each device must be given permission to use USB.





Same problem here using rebel 7 I think (EOS 800d in Germany)


I am having the same issue with a Canon R. My whole day is lost to the issue --

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