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Time lapse with EOS Utility skipping frames


Hi all,


I'm not entirely sure this belongs in the camera section, as it could also be a software issue. The gist of it is that most of the times I tried shooting a time lapse with EOS Remote Utility using Interval Timer Shooting, frames are visibly missing, despite the fact the the picture numbering is continuous (no number is skipped). EOS Utility will report the number of failed shots to be 0, so I am not losing shots because of failed AF. I can calculate that if I shoot a picture every 6 seconds and I keep shooting for 3h, I should expect 1800 shots, and I see that the picture numbers go from 0001 to 1243 for example, hinting that a lot of frames are missing. Plus, I see it on the videos once I put them together with ffmpeg. The video goes faster by bits.


I figured that when doing remote shooting, the pictures are being transferred to the computer and they are numbered on the computer. This hints that the problem may be that some pictures fail at being transfered on the computer. Does that sound right? It would be nice if EOS Utility could pick up on such failure and at least warn the user that this is happening.

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