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canon m50 firmware update


Hi I bought a canon m50 a few days ago and it disappointed me in a few things that I think can be easily fixed with a firmware update
1. 4k 30 frames per second is not there I know it uses canons Digic 8 processor as in 90d and R so I think it should be able to hit that 30fps in 4k with an easy firmware update  I believe there is no technical barriers and it is hold back so its bigger brothers can shine
2. a clean HDMI output. this one gets me really disappointed when I find out it only output display into one monitor at a time and not only it turns its own display when you are using an external display or capture card but also it is not a clean HDMI output and there are some setting overlays in image
3.even though I barely shoot videos outside I wish I could have seen my audio levels so it saves me a lot of time troubleshooting and editing my videos

there are other issues I believe canon should consider for m50 mark II
1.4k 60fps should be industry standard for 2021. no crop with all autofocus features. jack and sd card place should be reworked. I record on a tripod and in order to get the sd card out I have to take everything apart and the audio jack is in the way when you trying to flip the screen
3.we need more lenses for this type of cameras
4.I wish I could keep my camera run on a USB cable without worrying about the battery. especially with ongoing eos webcam utility that would be a fantastic feature. consider going live using a mirrorless camera and not worried about the battery that would be a great combo I know I can buy dummy batteries but if it is a single cable that can carry my image and keep my camera charged it would be awesome 

and the last but not the least if you think this feedback helps u please consider to upgrade my m50 with a Mark II version 



There is very little chance Canon issue a firmware update to enable the features you want on your EOS M50. 

The main reason is that a Canon wants to protect the market share for more advanced cameras like the EOS M6 Mk II which already includes those features. 

Mike Sowsun

I think that way, as well. As I mentioned earlier I believe it is some financial and marketing related strategy to disabling those  features rather than some technical ones
and canon already announced its specification for the canon m50 mark II camera and apparently we even wont get 4k 30fps
which is a pity
this camera has so many potentials to steal the sales and be the number one recommendation for low budget and new content creators

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