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Can use a tripod while using a Canon Hand Strap E2?

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Can use a tripod while using a Canon Hand Strap E2 with my Canon 5D mark III?

Or I must remove it when using a tripod?




According to 7th review here YES but none of the others talk about that function.



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"Love this strap ... glad Canon came out with one that doesn't depend on attachment to a battery grip. And this one is SO easy to install (as opposed to the old one that did go with the battery) ... very well made, attaches to tripod socket, and allows you to attach your neck strap, too, if you like to have the option to use both hand and neck strap."


"A great strap for giving you extra security. I use this all the time. the best part is that after you put it on you can still connect tripod or Black Rappid strap as well."


Some say this .-)

Thank you for the link, Cicopo.

It seems I´ve my answer.


Yes, the strap has a 1/4" thread in the bottom, but I don't think it was meant to be used for tripods. It  looks like there would be very little surface area in contact with a Quick release plate or the tripod head. I wonder how stable it would be?


The poster in this thread says he would not use it with a tripod: Hand Strap E1 versus E2 








Mike Sowsun


thanks for your help. It seems possible to use the E2 with the tripod but the small surface... looks like a problem indeed.

I use hand straps on all my cameras. I use Manfrotto tripods with the quick connect. I see no problems. At least with that set up, it is a go.

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you mean you use Canon E2 hand straps?

No all my cameras have, either a battery grip, or are 1 Series. But the Manfrotto quick release is not much larger than the attachment knob on the E-2. I see little problem.

I also attach flash brackets with the hand straps still on. Flash brackets generally cover the entire bottom of the camera. Again no problems.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Ok. Which model/brand hand strap do you use?

I suppose it would work, but this is not much area to supprt a large camera and lens. 



Mike Sowsun
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