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T2i doesn't power up unless ribbon cable for SD card board is disconnected


Hello! Troubleshooting my t2i currently. It won't power up. No LCD, no lights, nothing. I ripped into it and figured out if I leave the ribbon cable for the board that holds the SD card slot disconnected, the camera powers up. But if it's plugged in, no power. 

Sounds like a short, right? Worth throwing a $25 board into it (found some on ebay)? No visible damage to the ribbon cable, the slots it plugs into, or the board itself. Anyone come across this issue?




SD card sockets are far more robust than CF card sockets but it is still possible for contacts to get bent.  Take a close look at the SD socket under a good light and magnifying glass to check for bent contacts or conductive debris.

Otherwise, I have never been inside a t2i but a common failure items are electrolytic and even more commonly tantalum caps.  There is probably one near the interconnect to decouple this board from the rest of the camera and these often fail shorted.  So be careful buying any used replacement board because it is likely to have failed also or is likely to fail soon depending upon the age of the board.


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