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R10 or R50 or...?


Hi, Hello.. I am trying to find a good camera for taking decent action shots of some birds, bees, and my s/o while biking and surfing (heavier here on the biking for like cool pictures doing tricks and things). But I am confused about which camera to get... I would not say I am "new" to photography, I have owned a few Canon cameras but.. When I was purchasing them it was just based on which one came with what vs what I needed it for if that makes sense! As I have matured I have come to realize that you gotta find the camera for you!  I would like to stay in the 1000$ range here but I am willing to go *a little* higher if need be! :).... And if you know any good lenses for these types of pictures please let me know!!! 

Thank you for your help! 


Greetings ,

Budget considered, for birds I would recommend the R10 or R7.  The R50 is entry level and lacks many of the advanced controls shared by the R10 and R7.

In this case, what's going to take you over your budget is a lens that has the reach that will allow you to take pictures of birds from a distance where you won't scare them.  

Right now the EOS R10 is on sale with $100 savings just about everywhere.  Let us know if this is possible and we can look at lenses next.  To complete your purchase, you're also going to need some memory cards and at least one additional battery. So the cost for these has to be considered in the total purchase price.



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hey Rick! 
The R10 is more than likely going to be the one I’m going to get, I’ve been comparing the 2 for a while but I needed the extra push to make sure I got the right one!! With the lens if it send me over it send me over, I am not too worried about the price as long as it’s not a three grand lens!! 

Again thank you so much! 


R10 without question. It is a better platform to build upon than the R50 a line I have never been fond of.

"...  if you know any good lenses for these types of pictures please let me know!!!" "... decent action shots of some birds, bees,..."

As long as you realize what you want to do will require several lenses. Pretty long distance between a bee and a bird if you want to see them in a photo.

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