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My EOS Rebel has recently started shooting only the bottom half of the images .


My EOS Rebel xs 120 191 has recently started shooting only the bottom half of the images i try to capture. i took some pictures just fine, turned it off then when i turned it back on it would only capture the bottom half of the subjects in the view finder



Sounds like a stuck shutter curtain.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA you know how to fix it?

If indeed it is stuck, you'll need to send it for service.  Depending on how old it is, the cost of service may not make the repair worthwhile (money might be better spent on a newer camera.)


Remove the lens.  

Switch on the camera.  

Find the menu option to enable the manual cleaning mode of the sensor.


This will cause the reflex mirror to swing clear of the sensor and will cause the shutter to open completely (and stay open).  Look inside to see if the shutter has opened completely.


Also note that the image projects into the camera upside-down.  So if you only see the bottom half, then it would be the top half which is actually being exposed.


There are TWO shutter curtains. 


Here's a video that shows how this works:



You may have a "stuck" shutter.  It's also possible that there's an electronic problem.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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