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Messed up photos


I recently got a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and for a while the photos would transfer easily to my MacBook Pro, but latley it takes longer for them to transfer and when they do, it is messed up. You cannot see the photo at all. I wiish i could include an example. I'm not sure if its the camera, my SD card, or my vomputer, but in about a month i need to be able to transfer a photo and edit it. If you know what's wrong, please tell me how to fix it




Can you use an SD card reader and see how that works?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Assuming you are using a USB cable start by trying a different cable.  I am not familiar enough with your camera whether it can also transfer via its built in WiFi system but if you are using that try turning WiFi off and use a direct cable instead.


You could also try a different USB port on your computer.


And as John suggested using a card reader is another alternative.


Rodger WQ9E

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Are you using a full size SD card or a micro card with adapter?

Rising Star

Exactly how are you transferring pictures to your Mac?  Are you using the built in SD card reader or just plugging in the camera using a USB cable?  Are the images visible on the camera's display before you try to transfer them?


Can you give us more info...


1.  Which brand/model SD card are you using?

2.  Is it really an SD card ... not a microSD in an adapter?

3.  Are you connecting the card directly to the mac, using a card reader, or using the USB cable to transfer images?



Tim Campbell
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