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M100 does not take photos/video. It does nothing when shutter button is pressed :(


Camera will not take pictures or video.


The camera does nothing when I press the shutter button. I am using a manual focus lens and have disabled auto-focus where ever I see a reference to it. I've even tried to reset everything to factory settings (is there actually a way to do this, because I had to go to individual items to reset them.) There is no time delay or anthing like that set up (I mean, it would eventually take a picture if that were the case lol) And all other answers I find on google seem to be related to "ONE SHOT." But maybe I'm missing something much simpler...


As you can see in the photo, ONE SHOT is greyed out so I assume thats a good thing? If I select it, to confirm its disabled, I get the error seen in picture #2. In picture #3 you can see that the camera is in MF mode.

This camera is new (body only) from Amazon and I have no other lens to test it with. I'm using a 7artisans 35mm 1.2


Camera Frimware: 1.0.0


This is super frustrating. Please Please Please help. Thanks!! 🙂



Set the camera to P mode, or any of the Creative shooting modes.  Go into the menus and look for a setting that is called "Allow Shutter To Fire No Lens Is Attached", or something like that.  The factory default settings has this disabled.


When you have a fully manual lens attached, the camera thinks there is no lens attached.   

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I remember seeing this setting on another Canon I used to own. Unfortunately, the M100 doesn't seem to have this option. It should be an item in the red menus, yes?


Edit: from what I'm reading P, AV, TV, M. should all alow this by default. not the case for me 😞

Turns out it was in the last (orange) menus!  I'll post this here in case someone in the future does a google search and ends up here.


"The camera will need to be in Manual still photo mode to change the setting.

To do that go into the Menu and go over to the custom functions tab (the orange camera icon furthest to the left). Select C.Fn II: Others and on the next screen go to the right until you see the heading Release Shutter w/o Lens. When you see that set it to Enable. Once that is enabled back out of the menu and you'll be able to take photos with your fully manual lens."

"Turns out it was in the last (orange) menus!  I'll post this here in case someone in the future does a google search and ends up here."

A google search is exactly how I ended up here.Thank you for "leaving this up"

I litterally only registered just to say thank you for this. This was driving me bonkers.

I just bought a t-ring adapter for my telescope so its not really even a lens. So the camera thinks i don't have a lens attached. Therefore wouldn't take the $#@&ing picture. This is "exactly" the solution I was looking for.

You just saved my sanity, thank you!