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Loading Accus in Battery Grip on R or R5



I bought an EOS R with battery grip. I found out so far, that I only can charge the accus inside the grip using the AC adapter which was sold with the grip. No other adapter / laptop / powerbank works. This isn't really helpful.


My son bought an EOS R5 and the battery grip. There was no AC adapter included with the grip and he found out so far, that only the Apple adapter from his girfriends iPhone works. This is also not really practicable.


How can we charge our cameras / battery grips from some unspecific USB source like Wall adapters, Powerbanks, Laptops (we use HP & Asus)?


I will buy a R5 or R3 soon, and there is a need to solve this issue in advance.


With best regards




If you are having trouble using USB-C to charge your camera, this video may help. 




Mike Sowsun

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you can charge a high capacity battery from a weak source, it takes more time, so what? I think, a half charged battery set is better than an empty set and cause a highly sofisticated charger decides to not charge the battery cause it will took longer than normal ...
'Feature Creeping' is a really bad thing, and behaving like cancer in our days ..

With best regards


I agree you could charge the battery from a source that cannot provide as much current as desired but the voltage level has to be high enough so they are doing some magic with USB or the battery pack to charge a 7.2 volt pack starting from a 5 volt USB source.


But the problem is the emphasis is on "smart charging" technology now which means different things to different companies.  The bottom line is it is more complex and the charging circuit itself is very particular about its own power source in terms of voltage AND current capability so it may not function at all with an insufficient source.


This is common across product classes.  For example, modern vehicles have a pretty amazing array of driver assist features providing enhanced stability and traction control during inclement weather or during emergency or ill-considered maneuvers.  But these systems depend upon the engine and transmission responding instantly and exactly as commanded by the assist system routines and if there are even minor issues with the powertrain then these safety assist systems are instantly disabled.  It makes sense that they depend upon the powertrain responding exactly as commanded BUT it means the safety assist features may not be available at the time they are most needed.  This is one of the issues of increasingly complex systems which create additional failure modes, often arising from difficult to foresee higher order interaction effects.  I spent a lot of years doing quality and risk consulting and adding product complexity, often through feature creep, exponentially increases the problem of maintaining quality and a low rate of aberrant behavior and/or outright failure.


And on edit:  a new browser on my laptop grabbed older password files from my former browser so this was posted using my original Canon forum credentials.



Hi Rodger,
there is no 'magic'. With a switching power supply, and all power supplies today were of that kind, you can step up or step down the output voltage relative to the input voltage. And you can do it both ways with the same circuit. No magic, just good firmware to work well in most of the circumstances.

I will test some cables and adapters will see if there is a combination which is working. My original idee was, to have everything on USB and if somthing is lost (by accident or malfunction) I can get simple spare parts cause you will find some mobile phone shop virtually everywhere but I will be hard or no chance to get the only very special Canon part in time ..

With best regards


I agree with KV that you will need a high power adapter for charging.


In many countries, rechargeable batteries are referred to as "accumulators" and I suspect that is where poster's abbreviation "accus" originated.



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Yes, you were right, and sorry, that I used this term ....

No need to apologize for using the term!


I became familiar with it when I bought a Grundig shortwave radio while I was lecturing and guiding a group of study abroad students at Paderborn University 25 years ago.  That Grundig radio drained the accumulated charge very rapidly from its batteries but it was far better than paying for disposable batteries when using it away from AC power.



EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, M6 Mark II, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video
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