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Pictures missing from card (Canon 80D)


Good morning.  On vacation and I can only see photos from yesterday. The other days I can't see on the camera nor my laptop.  Using a Canon 80D with Sandisk 32gb HC

Thanks in advance.



Is this a full size card or a micro card with adapter?

Full size SD card. Sorry I had answered this morning but it didn’t post.


Good morning. Anyone have any suggestions?

I would get a fresh name brand card.

Reformat the new one in the camera and try again.


Things like this have been reported before, but I don't know that they were ever really resolved.

Downloaded a recovery program and found a bunch of deleted files on the card back to 2019 and some from this trip but not all.  Thinking the touch screen being on I may have deleted some by accident but not all from the first day of hiking.  Will work on it again tonight.

I am still missing one whole day of photos?  Anyone have any ideas?

"I am still missing one whole day of photos?"


If the old photos were deleted by mistake and new photos were stored in the same location on the SD card, you will not be able to recover them. I did a photography class for beginners a few years ago.  Mostly moms with new cameras. The one thing I saw mostly was moms tend to use their new DSLR like they use their iphone.  It is not an iphone so you must not think of it as one.

Like, my friend above said, they don't make good storage devices. They aren't intended to be. Very first thing for you to do is buy several new SD cards and keep them in the 16GB range.  Change them out when you shoot photos. Don't put all your "events" photo on a single SD card. When you get back home, or wherever, u/l them to your laptop or computer. Format the SD card(s) for the next time.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

BTW, Mom Smiley Happy, your handle suggests you are going to the beach. A lot?  If that is so make sure you don't get the camera wet. A DSLR and water don't play well together. Now, if it is a sandy or saltwater beach really take care as saltwater can do extreme damage to a DSLR.


If it is sandy and there is some wind blowing, common on beaches, don't change lenses in the open. Cover it up with a beach towel or something.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

If the recovery software did not find more of them, then I fear you may be out of luck. You could try different recovery software. But I do not expect it to find more files.

You said you had files from 2019? I guess you do not use the camera very often. It does not make for being a good storage device
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