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Lack of Service Support for EOS 60D


I* own a 20d , 30 d  AND  I  PURCHASED A 60 d ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO.  I recently went to the Canon Servic Center In Cosrt Mesa , Ca. and was told that my 60 D was no longer serviceable. Not very good customer service for such a big compacy. The camera is no longer in production I would assume and Canon says that they no longer have parts to repair or service it. That is a crock of poor customer service. I should have stayed with Pentax or have gone to Nikon  since I think that their customer serevice is better. The compacy wants to make you upgrade to a newer model so they can make more money. It is a wonder that the Canon Lenses  are still interchangeable and youm dont get screwed there or mjaybe they dont service an EOS  lens if its over a certain number of years old. Caveat emptor let the buyer beware my friends because I will no longer buy Canon Products. They are ok but do9 not know if they can compare to otbher manufactures.



Thanks for joining the conversation, and for letting us know what Canon product you've got. While we still offer technical support for the EOS 60D, it's also an older model which we no longer accept for repairs. Your friends here in the Canon Community may still be able to help you, so please let us know what specific problem you're encountering on your camera and they'll be glad to offer their suggestions.

You can also speak with a Canon Upgrade Program specialist to help you score a modern replacement that would meet your current needs at a discount. You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-866-443-8002.

Hope this helps!


The EOS 60D was introduced in 2010.   It doesn't matter when you buy a particular piece of gear in terms of how long you can get support for it.  That will depend upon when it was first introduced.

All companies have support lifetimes for their products.   There is an ever-increasing cost to companies to maintain support for older products.  It simply reaches a point where it no longer makes fiscal sense to do so.

Sometimes there are other repair businesses that do maintain an inventory of older parts, or broken units they can use for certain parts.   So you could seek them out.  e.g. I see Midwest Camera Repair mentioned from time to time on these forums.

For the future, when purchasing gear, do check out when it was released.  I don't have exact numbers, but my guess is that the industry average for ending support on electronic gear is in the 7 to 10 year range.

You can certainly purchase gear near the end-of-support lifetimes.  Often getting very good deals.  However, there's now an extra hidden cost in that should support be needed, it could be difficult or perhaps more expensive down the line.

This doesn't mean you always need to purchase gear as close to possible to their release dates, but certainly there'd be some happy medium.  Where prices are not as high as when they were introduced, but you'd get a decent window of time where the company would still provide support. 


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As an extra bit of clarification, when I mentioned "support" in my response, I was lumping together all of support meaning both technical along with performing repair and other services (cleaning).

As Danny mentions, technical support is still provided by Canon (as of this writing) for the EOS 60D.


EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L, 600EX-RT (x6), ST-E3-RT
EOS C70, RF 24-70 f/2.8L IS, EF-EOS R 0.71x


" I should have stayed with Pentax or have gone to Nikon ..."


The only way you will find out how wrong that wrong you are about that is to do it. But as a former Nikon owner I can confidently say if you didn't like Canon CS you won't like Nikon any better. Believe me Canon CS and support is the best in the business.

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Canon posts (and updates) their service life plans for products here: 修理対応期間対象商品|キヤノン (

You can translate the site.

You can see (for example) that the 70D was accepted for repair for 10 years after release.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I recently bought a model T Ford.  I want to get it fixed and was thunderstruck when Ford would not service it.  That is terrible service and I will never buy a Ford again.  I shall get a Chrysler or GM car instead.
Does that sound ridiculous? Of course it is...
I have owned three Canon 60D's until recently.  I got them in 2010 and 2011 and I looked after them diligently.  That said, I realized that asking Canon to provide parts for a 13 year-old design is unreasonable.  Can you image how many service parts that they, or any other electronics manufacturer would have to hold for every model they ever made?
You are right about one thing: Caveat Emptor and you were not aware.  If you are going to buy a camera of that vintage do your homework and find out if it is serviced and supported before you buy it.  Please DO NOT blame the company for your lack of diligence.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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