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LCD screen has gone blank


I received the Rebel t4i for Christmas. It's been working great until today. The lcd screen no longer shows any information. If I press any of the setting buttons (ISO, etc), nothing shows up. It worked fine this past weekend.


Thanks for your post.  For me the rubber eye piece was bumped up a bit doing just what you said.  I never whould have figured this one out.


Thanks Bill

I have a EOS 1200D, the camera is still taking photos, but the LCD screen is blank? Can anyone help.

Did you press the info button?

The tip that helped me:  check to make sure the black 'cup' around the eyepiece is pushed all the way down in place.  If it's pushed up even just a little, the sensor in it causes the LCD to go blank.



I tried the recommendation. But The LCD monitor just doesn't switch on.  It was working fine till last evening.

Sorry I am just unable to find display off sensor near viewfinder? 

Can someone please help?




What if you are missing the piece of rubber that goes around the eye piece? Would that cause my screen to go blank? If so, do you know where I can get a replacement for my camera?

Thank you! My eye cup was indeed covering the sensor. This was driving me crazy! Appreciate your post.

My eye cup had simply slid up! Thanks for the advice.

ScottyP you are more than fantastic...I have searched and read manuals and online posts so much, and gotten nowhere and still had the same problem. 


I have and love my Canon T5i, and then one day it just quit showing the settings and picture in the monitor after just taking the picture...EVERYTHING else worked fine, i verified the LCD screen was working everywhich way 'except'..!!..


I had no idea that a little bit of dust could/would cause the screen NOT to show the picture that was just taken...HOWEVER, after reading your post took my dust free rag and cleaned/wiped the entire camera body/lens with TLC..!!..and dang if it didn't start working again...thank you so very much.


I know your original post was quite old, but believe me, it is still relevant..!! lesson i won't forget for a long time..




Thank you eyecup had shifted slightly and that was my problem...may have never noticed that...thanks for the tip!