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LCD live viewing & copy work with EOS 70D (W)



Can anyone please provide insight, guidance, solutions to accomplish this efficiently?


I want to use the camera for copy work: portfolio, flat art, photos, objects etc. I have old family photo albums I want to copy/photograph each image separately without removing/disturbing/damaging the images in the books.
The camera is mounted on a vertical copy stand shooting down (subject is mainly flat art).
I want to be able to view through the LCD in live view (camera is 90º facing down at copy board), have manual control, set up & align the subject and shoot the photos using the flash lighting system in quick efficient production process.

Equipment used:

  • Camera EOS 70D (W)
  • Minolta Copy stand
  • Novatron 240 portable light system, 2 lights with polarized sheet film

synch connections:

  • wireless - Pocket Wizard Plus 2 Transceiver.
  • wired - Nikon AS-15 Hot shot cord adapter


  • I am having issues being able to view through the LCD, set up & align the subject and shoot the photos - without jumping through hoops.
  • It seems I have to switch to Av from M after shutter release to view subject in LCD, then switch back to M for the next shot, camera fails to shoot and shows error message: “Press start/stop button to activate movie shooting”. This doesn’t make sense as I’m not movie shooting.
  • If I change the mode to “Flash off” and back to “M” then it appears to work, however once I switch to Av mode to view the subject again, it starts the process all over.

There must be a better/easier way.
Could this be a potential bug in the camera? or am I missing something? I don’t see solutions in manual.
Will mode setting “C” Custom allow “Live viewing” w/ custom “Manual control” to bypass the need to use “M” manual setting that wont allow LCD viewing?

Camera settings:

  • Shooting with LCD (live view shooting)
  • mode setting:
  • Av - for live viewing and setup of subject
  • Then switch to M - Manual for manual control and shutter release

Also - I would like to connect to Apple Mac Laptop computer, live view on screen, and if possible have the option to record the photos direct to computer hard disk. Can this be done with this camera? IF so, what is needed?

Best regards,



-Canon 70D have built-in Wifi, so you can connect your camera with your computer wirelessly for tethered shooting. I have PC so the instruction may be different, but you need to install Canon EOS Utility.

-You can do everything in M mode even Live View. I think you are doing something wrong here, you may need to re-read your manual regarding this problem.

-C mode is customized M mode, so you can do everything in C mode also. With C mode, you can save all the setting so you can come back later. It's a great use in your case where you can make your C mode has all the settings for your work, then when you take the camera out to shoot something else, use other mode. Later, when you come back, just switch back to C so you don't have to change anything.

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I don't have a 70D, but the layout of it is exactly like my camera so it's pretty safe to assume they operate the same way too.
To activate live view in M mode, just turn the dial to M, then press START/STOP button to activate LV. DO NOT TURN the dial to Movie icon. I think you get the error message because you turned the dial to movie icon.
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Thank you on both posts - I will check that M & Live view process. I thought we done that at first, then tried other things when it didnt work. Will try again.
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