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ISO most affordable cameras that can capture close and long range photos


Hey All,

For my job we must take long distance photos for overalls of items and then take close up photos to capture details. Could you please provide me some options that are capable of doing so and at an affordable cost? We've been using point and shoot cameras and it doesn't get the job done 😕

Thank you!



How far away do you mean by long distance?  There may not be a single lens that can do both.  Can you provide an example?

Also, what camera are you using?

One possible lens that may be able to handle both scenarios is the EF or RF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.


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Sorry, by long distance I'm talking 2-6 feet away (so not as long as it might of sounded). We work with forensic evidence and take an overall photo and any close-ups to capture details. We don't mind switching to a camera that requires 2 separate lenses to get the job done. 

Right now we use a Canon PowerShot G16 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

What is an "affordable cost" for you?


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Good question. Working for the government, affordable is going to end up being the cheapest option that can get the job done. I’ll try to figure out next week how much we could budget towards this expense in order to provide a better answer. 

Once you settled on a camera and lens, would you be required to get bids? Ran into this with many government agencies.

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No bidding involved since this wouldn't be a contract. We only need to justify the price for the camera so it gets approved by leadership to use granted funding towards it. For this reason im looking for various options. That way I can present a couple to have one be approved.

Forensic imaging.  Reasonably affordable.  Sounds like a job for the RP or R8 with Ricky's RF 100 f2.8L lens recommendation.  I'd throw in an EL-100 flash for good measure.  

We'll have to see what he answers to Newton's question as well.


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Rebel T8i or SL3 with a 24-105 range lens would suit the requirements as described


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Thanks for the reply. This is a good price range. Anything cheaper than that which may do a good job?