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Canon R6 Mark II - Single Point or Expand AF without Eye or Face detection


Hey guys, hope you can help me out with an issue I struggle a lot.
On my R6 I use for Video Single/Expand AF for specific shots and Face/Eye AF with Tracking for Bride / Groom Portraits etc. For photo I have set the AF-ON as my Single/Expand AF Focus and Face/Eye AF on the asterisk/snowflake button. I was used to work with that great and became muscle memory.

With the R6 Mark II i can't figure out how to set this to match my R6.

On the R6 Mark II for example in Photo Mode when using Single/Expand AF, the Face or Eye Tracking is still ON and when focusing on an Object instead of Face, Animal, etc. it is very "jumpy". And in the Video-Mode the Single/Expand AF als as the Face/Eye Detection always ON and struggle with objects when needed.

The old R6 Single/Expand AF is way more accurate and don't jump around in Photo and Video Modes.

Is there a possibility how to turn that Off in the R6 Mark II or match my old R6?canon R6 issues.jpg



Your subjects seem a little further away from the camera compared to YouTube videos that demonstrate the feature.  I recommend checking the setting of a Focus Limiter lens switch, provided your lens has one.

When shooting video, I strongly recommend that you use Canon lenses to take full advantage of the powerful Movie Servo AF features.  Many third party, EF mount adapted lenses are not able to use all the AF Tracking in the camera, particularly in the video modes.  

Not even all Canon EF lenses are able to take advantage of all the AF Tracking features.  You pretty much want to go with EF lenses initially released after 2009, which is when Canon first released the Dual Pixel AF system in a DSLR.  There should be a page in the User Manual that lists all of the recommended EF mount lenses to use for best results with the camera.

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