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EOS R Body purchased through Ebay - Is the warranty still applicable


I recently purchased an EOS R body from eBay. I haven't been able to register the product and received a message indicating that it isn't for sale in the states. I am not sure what my next step is as I have since found that the front menu dial isn't registering. Increments are sporadic and delayed. for instance, I turn the wheel to the right and it will go in the opposite direction. I know that there are other ways to perform this task but I would like the full functionality of my camera. Now I don't have a way to get it repaired. Please Help. I am a small business owner.  



I appears to be grey market. You would have to get warranty repair in the country it was made for. I would try to send it back.


Agreed; send it back for a refund if you can.  You'll want instead purchase your Canon gear from authorized Canon resellers.  Also, you can check out Canon's own refurbished items (which come with warranties).


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When you bought the camera on eBay, what was their stated warranty policy? 

Buying from eBay means you have no Canon Warranty. Not in any country. Only Canon authorized sellers can sell a camera with a Canon warranty.

Most ebay sellers will say they have a warranty repair policy, but it requires you shipping the camera to a non-Canon repair facility of their choice. 

Canon Gray Market Warning


Mike Sowsun


You guys are awesome. I should have done better research prior to purchase. I will check back in after my canon repair. I am just going to pay the fee to repair. Chalk it up as a lesson learned. 

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