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I own a Canon Rebel T3i for 18months. i just stopped working; It is not turning on at all. Help!


I own a T3i for about 18months. It's been perfectly fine till it does not turn on at all this past Fri after taking pictures at my sister's HS graduation. It does not make a sound. I recharged the battery and tried again, I took the card out then put it back in.

Any other suggestions I would gladly appreciate.

I bought it at B&H, should I go see them or contact Canon.



I would recommend contacting Canon directly. Their technical support has been very good and usually solves my issues.

trying that now! tks


The same thing has happened to me. I've owned it for just over a year and a half, and it has stopped turning on. I spoke to customer service and they told me that I have to pay the base fee of $190 plus shipping and whatever other charges come along with it to get it fixed. I'm extremely disappointed and am not surprised to see that I am not the only one with this issue.

Canon, would you please help us solve this problem? I realize that the camera is past it's warranty, but it is supposed to be a quality product, and so I do not expect to pay a lot of money to repair an electronic issue that clearly has nothing to do with the user.

What did you end up doing? I am in the same predicament. 18  monhts, light use and DEAD. Only beeps when I  turn it on. No visual.. .they quoted around $230 to fix without saying what the problem was!


This is what Consumer Advocates are for. This is just not right!


Dont know whether to sell it as is on ebay or try to find a motherboard and try repairing myself???

I am having the same problem!  Never had an issue until now.  Of course, it would stop working at an event that our Artisan Fellowshp was having.  So disgusted... thinking I may return to Nikon! 

@Kentuckymama wrote:

I am having the same problem!  Never had an issue until now.  Of course, it would stop working at an event that our Artisan Fellowshp was having.  So disgusted... thinking I may return to Nikon! 

A couple of people had an issue with the battery door not being fully closed.

At least one person had gotten their camera wet.

Another potential trouble spot is the door for the card slot not being fully closed.


What symptoms are you seeing?  Does it beep, or anything, when you turn it on? 

If you take out the memory card does it turn on?  With no lens attached?

Has the memory card been formatted in the camera? 

Is the memory card too large?  Yes, too large.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


A few simple questions...


Do you own more than one battery and have you tried a different battery?  


Note that it is possible to set the rear display in a mode where it will not light up at all... but you should still be able to see the viewfinder display light up.


Occasionally, a problem can be fixed by removing the battery and leaving it out for a while (a while being more like 20-30 minutes).


Lastly... there are a few interlocks that will prevent the camera from powering up.  One is on the battery door and there's another in the memory card slot.  These are very tiny microswitches.  If these micro-switches get stuck then the camera can exhibit these symptoms of refusing to power up.  (there is also a micro-switch in the flash hot-shoe but that switch just tells the camera if a flash is present but will not prevent the camera from powering up.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

I have tried another battery, and nothing lights up on the camera at all. It is completely non-responsive. I have also checked the interlocks, and it seems as thought they are closed tight.
I'm just baffled, because one day the camera worked, and the next it wasn't turning on. Do you know if Canon is ever willing to admit that their product was faulty and assist with repair costs??

Hi guys!
Tks for helping. I took the camera to a repair store that's endorsed by canon. Thought canon was too pricey since the camera was over the warranty period.
Anyway, they said the motherboard short circuited and had to be changed. The T3i camera is not weather resistant and think it might have been exposed to moisture somehow. I got it fixed for about $250 and now I protect my camera with my life. Any sign of rain, we re not shooting! Lol
Thanks all for your suggestions!!!!
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