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EOS 6D + EOS Wi-Fi Remote App for Android = Missing pictures


Hello, hoping to find some help. My wife and I had a vacation to Hawaii recently, and she brought along her newer 6D camera. She has a LG Nexus 5 smartphone and got the EOS App on it. While there, she used her tripod and took a bunch of pictures, both uf us and of scenery. It was pretty cool to stand in position and see ourselves on her phone screen and take the picture.


When we got home, she went to download the pictures and they are gone. Every single one she took from the EOS Remote App. She has over 700 pictures on her SD card, and could not find a single one missing other than the 40-50 ones she took with the EOS app. Very strange. We can see the 4-5 shots of me standing there while she adjusted her settings and took test pictures, all from hitting the buton, but every picture of both of us is missing, since those all were taken with the smartphone app.


The app is not that difficult... she was not deleting them or anything. They were absolutely taking the pictures too, as we reviewed them on the phone to make sure we were smiling, etc.


Any help? This is really frustrating her, as we dont get to go to placed like Hawaii often.



Were you using the Remote App to transfer the images, as opposed to just viewing them?  I've only used it to view images, but the actual files stay on the camera's SD card.  In fact, if I exit the Remote App and reopen then all the preview files are gone from the phone/tablet.


But I know the app can be used to transfer files.  It really shouldn't delete the files on the camera only copy them to the phone, but I can't say for sure how it works.  By chance are the file on your phone?  Were you shooting RAW or jpg?  I can't image it could transfer RAW files in any reasonable amount of time.  Even full-sized jpg would take too long for me, the little preview images are about as slow a transfer as I'm willing to deal with.

I get the impression that the photos were never taken. Did you ever confirm that the photos were on the SD card by using the camera's screen? You might check for a different folder on the SD card which EOS Remote created to save pictures to. Good luck.

If you can review the photos, then they were taken.


My 6D doesn't create a separate folder when using the phone app, but I suppose it's possible that there's a setting to allow this.