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I have an older Rebel xt. Just got a new computer and the software will not work,


Mesaage states that the display is not good enough. Resolution is more than enough. I can't even download pictures from the camera. Website no help.


If you checked under your XT session, it will not have compatible software. However, you can use newer software for the 1DX, 5DMIII or 6D. They're the same software and they support your camera also. It's just that the XT is no longer supported that's why Canon didn't update it under the XT software section.

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Thanks! I will give that a shot!


Your display is *capable* of 1023 x 786, but is it set to that? The setting can vary. You can check and adjust, by going to:

Control Panel > Display > (click on) Settings tab.

There is a slider (or some variation thereof) to adjust the actual resolution setting.

Worth a try!



Thanks for the reply. Yes, my settings are higher than that. I have basically given but thanks for all the replies.

I agree with Alan Myers.

I don't know why so many people fret over the bundled software when better alternatives exist.

Photoshop Elements is the way to go and is not an expensive solution. Coupled with the fact it will do far more than the entire Canon CD, why not?


Try it out, you may like it.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks, actually I only was interested in connecting to my compouter to download my pictures but that will not work. I wil just have to take out and use the storge card for that purpose. Darned if I can figure out why a display setting, even though correct, would stop this is beyond me. lol Thanks again.

Will Photoshop Elements download the photos? That is my only issue: I don't use the Canon software for anything but downloading the photos.

I will know soon. I am buying it. Thanks 🙂

Ok, folks, most of today's computers, probably close to 100% have card readers already included with them.

This is so simple to do. There is no software needed and the card actually acts like another hard drive. Very simple.

Plus PSE will pull pictures from it.

Make sure you check for deals on PSE before you buy. Sometimes it is included free with some new cameras. Or it can be had with the purchase of a new lens, etc.



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!