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I have an EOS R10. Should I get a new camera or a new lens?


Hello I'm a hobbyist photographer and videographer. I currently have a Canon r10 at the moment with just rf 35mm f1.8. Should I invest on adapted lens/glass or should I sell it and buy R8 instead? I'm a lil of everything, portrait photographer, landscape and street. I plan to do sports photography like surfing and skateboarding and other sports and maybe a lil bit of animals. Maybe some events like concerts and festivals. I also do videography mainly brolls of street atm but maybe doing product videos later on and sports with slow motions. So the question is should I keep my r10 or buy r8 instead? I'm not a rich person so I can't purchase those more expensive cameras. I'm not a professional as well. I don't do this to make money (at least not yet), I only do it for fun. My only option is either r10 or r8. I hope someone can help me decide what to do. Thank you very much



Hi and welcome to the forum:
The first question I would ask is precisely what is it that your current configuration does not do for you that you need to upgrade.  It is extremely hard to anyone else to give you definitive advice based on the degree of detail we have here.
While pondering that, can I suggest you read the following: THIS ARTICLE
Perhaps come back with some of the answers to those questions, realizing that without considering them yourself, you are going to get advice from others that is more likely to be based on their experience, activities and preferences.

cheers, TREVOR

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow", Leo Tolstoy;
"Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase" Percy W. Harris
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