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Firmware updates to fix issues on R6


Love my R6, but just a few suggestions that would help (probably easy firmware updates).  First, the red record circle is always on (similar to when the 80d is recording).  Would help if the red record is only on when it is recording.

2nd, it allows you to set shutter rate below the FPS (for example filming at 60FPS, you can put the shutter rate at 1/50, but in that case, it skips frames, so it's not actually 60FPS anymore.   (thought maybe it would take a longer exposure by averaging over more than one frame, but it simply drops frames and then slow motion does not work).

3rd, would really be fantastic to allow 10bit 422 h265 in a basic setting (without C-log or HDR). Would think that would also be a simple firmware update.  Sometimes, don't want the more complex workflow of C-log, but would appreciate having 422 10bit in case I need to do more color grading to fix color temp or exposure in post.

Finally, if would also be great to allow internal camera IBIS to work if a lens with IBIS has IBIS turned off.  This would be appreciated because currently, it is obvious that for many lenses, turning on the lens stabilization does not work with the internal stabilization, so by giving the option to manually turn on camera IBIS, then stabilized lenses could be turned off allowing the better internal IBIS to work.  Currently, it's actually better to use a non stabilized lens and let the camera IBIS work then it is to use it with a stabilized lens (seems to not work with the internal , unless it is a newer RF lens).




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