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EOS Rebel won't take pictures


Just recently my rebel XSI stoppted taking pictures.  Batteries fully charged.  Firmware is correct.  I've tried cleaning the contacts on the lens and I can then take about six shots then it fails again.  When I change lens, it's fine.  Can these lenses be repaired?


The camera doesn't take photo or it doesn't take photo with a particular lens? Can you describe the problem when you are trying to take the photo? Anything weird display in the viewfinder? Does the lens switch to Auto Focus, make sure it's not on Manual focus.
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It doesn't take a picture with my 18-55 mm lens unless it's on manual.  On full auto, nothing happens.  If I put in my telephoto lens, all works fine?

I assume you mean it doesn't take photo unless you put the LENS ON MANUAL (not the camera on Manual mode). I had this issue a while back with my T4i, the focus cable inside the lens (quite common on the Kit lens 18-55) got loose and it wouldn't take photo because it could not focus. If your lens is still under warranty you can send it in for Canon. Otherwise, it's not even worth it.
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Thanks, I believe that what the problem is.
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