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Any Owners of the T5i out there?


Hi Everyone

I just got this camera a week ago,I love it

I'm having trouble in the ""Creative zone,trying to figure out how to take a picture with a blurred backgroung.

Specifically when I go to the dragstrip,I will take pictures of the cars in the pits in the Scene Intelligent Mode,and they always come out perfect.

I would like to set up the , What do I want? The AV Mode. So i can have preset settings,to take a picture of a car with a blurred background.

I've been reading about ISO,F stops,etc,and I can't seem to figure it out yet

I have been practicing on my wife's orchids, or my car outside,all yesterday,and couldn't get it,

So that;s why I'm asking for help,from someone with a T5i, to give me  step by step instructions.

Then I'll be on my way

Thanks for your help





You want to select Av mode and choose a low number aperture. See this article on Depth of Field.


You can preview your image in the viewfinder:



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thank's John

What you want is a shallow depth of field in-focus.

1.). Go to AV (aperture priority) mode using the dial on top of the camera.

2.). Zoom your lens in to the longest (most telephoto) setting you can get to work. More telephoto gives shallower depth of field.

3.). Use the lowest f/number your camera will allow with the lens you have attached. That gives the widest lens opening (aperture) your lens can achieve. Wider aperture gives shallower depth of field.

4.). Set up the shot so that the background is far away behind the subject. You need some distance to let that out of focus background be far out of focus.

If you really want to get more blur than this can give you, you can buy a lens with a wider maximum aperture. The cheapest way to do this, and the widest apertures available, are on "prime" lenses, which are fixed focal length (non-zooming) lenses. Remember the lower the f/number the wider the aperture.

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Thanks Scott

The "nifty fifty" is right up your alley, so to speak!  It is a 50mm f1.8 prime lens and it has a very attractive price.  Keep it as open as you can (low f-number) and you should get nicely blurred backgrounds.  Use a smaller aperture (larger number) and it will give you pin sharp back grounds.

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